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Strategic Discourse is a management consultancy, with a difference. We aim to protect precious front line resources for public sector, charity sector and voluntary sector organisations while delivering the highest levels of support and advice. We assist you to make the changes required to strategic, operational and other business processes to enable change to be carried out in a managed state. We have a number of methodologies and research functions which have been internally created to guarantee the best outcome for our particular spheres of influence; these include adopting models to be specific to various sector requirements.

Our deep understanding of the sectors in which we operate, ensures that we deliver the best solution for our customer partners at all times. Furthermore, our partnership with Kingston Business School allows us to help nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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Our History

Strategic Discourse was founded in 2014 to protect those precious resources in the public and associated sectors, and to ensure the ability to provide better services for citizens. Our founder and managing director, having worked in the public sector for many years, wanted to ensure a change in the manner of engagement and charging for public bodies so the best value was attained.

From all our engagements, we know that a lack of strategic and operational alignment is the single greatest cause for failure for most of our customers. Ensuring this, therefore, is at the heart of what we do.

Our name comes from the fact that without true Strategic Discourse around these areas, and a full and proper understanding of the business environment in which our clients are operating, we believe that failure is a very real possibility. Our mission statement is aligned to this:

“Ensuring our clients’ success through the alignment of strategy, operations and the business environment to deliver the best outcomes at all times.”

With this at the core of who we are, we deliver solutions which are tangible, workable and of benefit to everyone in the client economy.

Working closely with our partners and our customer partners, we have built a new models of service delivery and change management which ensure best practice and build on your current business environment. We do not believe in “change for the sake of change” but rather carry you to the correct solution for the business problems which are faced.

Ethos and Values

Strategic Discourse was formed by the founders with the aim of protecting precious resources in the public, charity and voluntary sectors. This ethos is handed to the company from our Founder and Managing Director who worked for a number of years in the public sector, working with limited resources and constantly increasing demands.

Core Principles

At the heart of our organisation is a belief that every engagement must be driven to a Citizen, Student or Patient Centric model. We have developed a number of these models internally, which we adapt for each client and each locality. These models assist us to ensure that the any change programmes we undertake deliver true change and value to the citizen, student or patient at all times.


At Strategic Discourse, we work with industry and academic best practice methodologies for all our engagements. We have developed a number of methodologies, based on these, in the areas of change management, programme management, project management and communications to ensure delivery of full end to end services.

Meet Our Team

Sanjeev Gupta
Sanjeev GuptaFounder & Managing Director
Toby Flannigan
Toby FlanniganConsultant
Jannan Ananthaseelan
Jannan AnanthaseelanJunior Consultant

Advisory Panel

Dr Kate Davis
Dr Kate Davis
Graham Walker
Graham Walker
John Forgan
John Forgan

Mentoring Programme

As part of our partnerships with Kingston Business School and Apsley Business School, we provide entrepreneurs with a mentoring scheme designed to support the development of new organisations. We deliver a structured programme of support and mentoring to ensure the success of new businesses, which includes strategic and operational mentoring, new organisation set up, process and improvement schemes, and even full payroll and invoicing solutions at no cost.

We select enterprises based on strict criteria – we will only support those enterprises which have a reasonable chance of success, and have a rigorous validation process. Those enterprises which are successful are given the opportunity to grow a business which will be successful for many years.

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