Sanjeev Gupta
Sanjeev GuptaFounder & Managing Director
Sanjeev has an MBA and is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and a Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS). Having worked for over 16 years with the UK public Sector, Sanjeev has a strong insight into citizen and organisational needs. His understanding of policy, strategy, operational issues and sales and marketing ensure we are able to provide fully rounded solutions to our customers. He has worked as a CIO in the public sector as well as having worked at various levels including CTO for private sector organisations serving public sector clients.

Our Team

Rachel Gupta
Rachel GuptaConsultant
Rachel is a key director in the business specialising in the areas of research and analysis. She is the lead analyst for many of our projects, and has a specialist ability identifying underlying trends and devising solutions for various operational issues.
Toby Flannigan
Toby FlanniganConsultant
Toby has joined our team on a permanent basis after completing his placement role with us. His main areas of expertise are in Marketing and Strategy and he has experience working with various advertising agencies. Toby wants to use his academic knowledge and innovative mind-set to help customers find solutions to their problems and improve.
Shinny Jain
Shinny JainConsultant
Shinny has an MA in Sustainable Design. She has gained valuable experience working with a number of our clients across various sectors, including healthcare and education. We make her the lead for all User Experience programmes to utilise her skills fully.

Shinny has international experience, and has won a number of awards in the fields of creativity, scholarship, entrepreneurship and research. She has recently achieved her Salesforce qualifications.

Jannan Ananthaseelan
Jannan AnanthaseelanJunior Consultant
Jannan is in his final year of Accounting & Finance at Kingston University, and is currently completing his placement with us. He has experience in the healthcare and charity sectors. Moreover, he is eager to engage in every area of consulting, especially technical consulting. After completing his degree, Jannan aspires to pursue a career in Management Consultancy. He is keen to learn new skills and face new challenges.
Holly Christie
Holly ChristieConsultant
Holly is a marketing and change specialist who has spent her career focussing on the education sector. As a previous Head of Marketing and Communications at an independent school, and with a number of consulting roles in the education sector, Holly has excellent credentials. Her work across the education spectrum has led to changes in the use of social media and other communication tools. She has advised schools on Change Management Processes, Business Management, Leadership, Digital Marketing and Communication Procedures.
Prof. Sebastian Fuller
Prof. Sebastian FullerConsultant
Currently the Academic Director of Apsley Business School, Sebastian has many years of education experience both in the UK and wider. His education experience stretches back over a decade, where he has worked in primary, secondary and further education. He has a PhD in Education, Curriculum Design, EAL and Special Needs and an MBA in Change Management. Sebastian has spent a number of years working at the most senior levels of educational organisations and is well versed in educational organisational change and marketing.
Steve Maingot
Steve MaingotConsultant
A trained pharmacologist, Steve has built his more recent career on informatics management, strategy management and operational change in the NHS. As a clinician, Steve is able to engage clinical audiences. He is also a Justice of the Peace and a Fellow of the British Computer Society as well as sitting on a number of public boards and committees. As an experienced director and change evangelist, Steve has run many projects and programmes in the NHS which have truly changed the clinical pathway and patient experience

Advisory Panel

Dr. Kate Davis
Dr. Kate Davis
Kate is a current Senior Lecturer at Kingston University and has published a number of works on project management, and business information management. She has recently completed her PhD in project management and uses her expert knowledge in this business area to assists us in project management and the education sector. Utilising her specialist knowledge Kate has been instrumental in assisting us with creation of our new methodologies and public sector management strategies.
John Forgan
John Forgan
John is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience. He is currently a programme director for the MBA and remains a practicing qualified accountant and partner. He is also the Director of Technical Services for a medium sized accountancy practice and assists us with areas of governance and regulation.

John’s assistance ensures that our customers receive a high level of financial, and other, governance in all programmes.

Joey Rawass
Joey RawassJunior Consultant
Joey has joined our team after successfully completing her MSc in Marketing and Strategy. Having worked for several different companies around the world, Joey has a good understanding of different cultures. This allows her to interact with our clients (and more importantly their end user base) in a style which meets their needs. She is keen to further develop her skills to provide customers with the most effective and efficient solutions to their problems. She is currently undertaking her PRINCE2 qualification.
Adam Raman
Adam Raman
Senior Lecturer at Kingston University, Adam specialises in marketing and strategy. With a strong knowledge of enterprise operations and strategy, Adam has previously worked at international organisations such as Glaxo and Boots. He holds an MBA from Warwick and holds undergraduate qualifications in Chemistry. Adam has been instrumental in assisting us with marketing and strategic led assignments, where his specialist knowledge has increased successful outcomes.
Graham Walker
Graham Walker
As a specialist in public sector management, Graham has spent many years assisting clients to resolve issues around strategy and management. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University where he specialises in these fields.

Graham’s expertise ensures that we are constantly challenged on the latest developments in the field and allows us access to some of the latest academic theories.


MDBA Consultants

Kingston Hill Consultancy

MDBA Consultants is a social media consultancy firm providing services to small and medium enterprises assisting them in improving their marketing strategy. With their expertise, they provide innovative solutions to build a strong social media presence around their customers’ brand.

Kingston Hill Consultancy is a research and development consultancy with expertise in health, education and public sector. The team work closely with their SME customers to assist with marketing through research papers, white papers and commercial blogs.