MDBA Consultants is a social media consultancy firm providing services to small-medium enterprises helping them in improving their marketing strategy.

Some of the services provided by the company are:

  • Analysis and Research
  • Marketing layouts/structure study
  • Social media accounts analysis
  • Full marketing strategy delivery

Work Delivered to Strategic Discourse:

MDBA conducted industry specific research on top and medium class consultancy firms to create four social media accounts that Strategic-Discourse LTD could use as their own. This research conducted included reviewing the current social media state of Strategic discourse, competitive analysis of competitor’s social media accounts, visual research, developing layouts and structure for the social media accounts and populating them with content such as blogs and tweets.

Strategic Discourse Support?

Our team helped MDBA consultants in understanding of formulation of the problem as well as assist them in research methods and academic theories. With our mentoring in the field of consultancy and constant critical feedback, MDBA was able to pull of their projects to meet the needs of their clients. We will continue to help them with their future projects moving forward.

The Team

Mohamed Nur
Mohamed Nur Team leader
Mohamed is an International Business (BA) student at Kingston University graduating soon in July. Along with studies, he worked towards his startup ‘Be-Wear London Fashion’ which gave him skills in social media marketing. Currently, with his expertise in social media consultancy, he is leading MDBA Consultancy for its various projects. The team has recently successfully delivered a project for Strategic Discourse.
Dylan Dzika
Dylan DzikaPinterest Analyst
A Business Information Technology – BSc (Hons) final year student at Kingston University. Dylan is a self-motivated individual who’s able to motivate others around him. Throughout his Business degree he learnt and picked up on insights that helped him to develop strong organisational skills, as well as an analytical and logical approach to tasks with the ability to work under pressure.
Ben Ledda
Ben Ledda IT Research Analyst
Ben is a Business Information Technology final year student at Kingston University. Ben is an experienced IT specialist with knowledge of Pascal & Delphi, HTML, Java Script and Oracle. His web-designing skills helps the team to verify all the solutions before delivery. With his IT expertise, he serves as IT analyst in MDBA team involved mainly in delivery side of services.
Amish Patel
Amish Patel Google Plus Analyst
A final year student at Kingston University studying Business information Technology, Amish is a strong team member who is confident in his marketing role to develop and present social media business pages for clients. Amish has also spent a majority of his years working with IT, and continues to work towards a Technical Analyst Role.