Some of the services provided by the company are:

  • Analysis and Research
  • Complete competitive analysis
  • Research blogs and knowledge briefs

Work Delivered to Strategic Discourse:

To ensure better marketing of Strategic Discourse, KHC (Kingston Hill Consultancy) was given a task of researching thoroughly into competitors of Strategic Discourse and come up with appropriate marketing solutions in terms of research papers and blogs. With the help of the experts in their team, KHC was successfully able to provide more than 40 blogs to our company along with knowledge briefs.

Their dedicated research team provided us with the latest publications and news and various topics around the same.

Strategic Discourse Support?

We helped KHC in moving in the right direction as well as research on the right topics for our various sectors. With our support and expertise on blogs, they were given various training on blog writing style and language.

We have used many of their blogs on our website and will continue to advice them on any further projects they pursue.

The Team

Aniqa Ahmed
Aniqa AhmedTeam Lead
Currently working towards the final year of an undergraduate degree in Business with Law at Kingston University, Aniqa has worked for a number of organisations at a management level in various roles. She has worked in teams where she has had to delegate tasks and ensure management for her teams. She has strong communication and human interaction skills, and understands how to motivate and drive teams to success.
Shikha Malhotra
Shikha MalhotraCommunications Lead
Shikha is currently a BSc student of Business Management at Kingston University. At university, she has had experience of leading as course representative and student ambassador. In future, she is planning to purse her passion for marketing and has recently been accepted, at both Bath and London, to complete her Masters in Marketing.
Joseph Haywood
Joseph HaywoodHealth Research Lead
Joseph is a 22 year old IT enthusiast with experience in IT audit where he conducted Cyber security reviews and other high level IT system reviews, for one of the largest consultancies. He has worked with Fintech organisations through their mobilisation phases and aspires to work more deeply in this sector.
Thanusha Sivabalasupramania
Thanusha SivabalasupramaniaEducation Research Lead
Thanusha is a Business Management student at Kingston University with an experience in the education sector. She has worked with an established company ‘Mother Nature Science’, educating and instructing children throughout North West London under the age of 12. Thanusha has a strong culture of delivery and high work ethics.
Ronit Chawan
Ronit ChawanTeam Researcher
Ronit is aspiring to become a management consultant after graduating from Kingston University. As well as a good understanding of business strategy and practice, his core values entail theory development, research and report analysis. He is an enthusiastic team member who is keen to get involved in new challenges and explore all available options.
Sarvesh Saboo
Sarvesh SabooTeam Researcher
Sarvesh will shortly graduate in business management and has a keen interest in management consultancy. Having worked with the local council sector at Strategic Discourse as a research analyst, he has provided various insights into the industry along with creating several research materials. He is an adaptable individual with a strong sense of responsibility.