Mission Statement & What Makes Us Unique

“Ensuring our clients’ success through the alignment of strategy, operations and supporting functions with the marketplace to deliver the best outcomes at all times.”

We want to change the perception of Management Consultancies and their approach to projects. For too long now, many consultancies have deployed a “Land and Expand” approach to their projects. Teams are deployed to deliver point solutions and find other areas within the client organisation that might prove profitable to the consultancy. We do not believe this model is acceptable, and we want to change it. Strategic Discourse provides bespoke “Best in Class” consultancy, where the client and the clients’ service users remain at the heart of everything we do. We work in true partnership with our clients to deliver solutions that best meet their needs – even if this means tearing up the instruction manual and starting from scratch.

We judge our success on the quality of work we deliver for our clients and their levels of success and satisfaction after working with us. No wonder our satisfaction rate is so high. Our unique customer journey model ensures that our clients’ teams are kept involved throughout, and the solutions delivered are informed by their needs. We are realists and have seen it all before. We understand project goals can change, and unexpected variables can impact our clients’ situation and needs. Our agile approach and experience enable us to manage changes within a project and still deliver the best outcomes.

Ethos and Values

See the principles we follow everyday to provide consultancy of the highest quality.

Ethos and Values

At the heart of our organisation is a belief that every engagement must be driven to a service-user-centric model. This ensures that the needs of the end service-users are considered at all stages in our engagements.

We have developed a number of these models internally, which we adapt for each client and each situation. These models assist us in ensuring that any change programmes undertaken delivers true change and value at all times.

Our Founder and Managing Director, and a number of our consultants have experience in the Public Sector where resources are limited, and demand is exponentially growing. We understand resources are limited for all sectors and industries, not just the Public Sector. Our unique and agile approach ensures that we provide the very best outcomes with the greatest efficiency. This includes protection of our clients’ resources as well as a charging model which is unique to the industry.

To support this, our business is underpinned by our Core Principles.

Core Principles

In order to ensure high quality delivery and stick to our Ethos and Values, the following principles are built into our core.

Core Principles

  • There is no single way to solve any problem – remain open and flexible.
  • Listen to the needs of end-service users and ensure that these are incorporated in all solution development.
  • Ensure everything we do enables, assists and empowers.
  • Keep the client and their end-service user at the heart of the project.
  • Ensure the clients’ teams understand the process throughout.
  • Provide ongoing support to assist with change resistance and knowledge gaps.
  • Respect the resources of our clients. Do everything to protect them.
  • Remain supplier agnostic to provide our clients with the best outcomes for their needs.
  • Do not “Land and Expand”.


No matter the project being delivered, our team utilises industry and academic best practice to select the most appropriate methodologies and models.


At Strategic Discourse, we work with industry and academic best practice methodologies for all our engagements. We have developed a number of models in the areas of change management, programme/project management, operational management, strategy and communications to ensure delivery of full end to end services. Fundamentally, our team is built on a blend of academics and experienced practitioners who have spent years applying these models in a variety of different industries and sectors.

No two projects are the same, and our experts will carefully assess each case and ensure the most appropriate methodologies and models are utilised.

Our Services

Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

The Digital Outcomes and Services Framework allows us to provide our public sector clients with specialists to help them deliver agile developments within their organisation.

G-Cloud 12 Framework

G-Cloud 12 is the latest major framework for the UK Public Sector. We are pleased to have been accepted onto all three lots: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support

Our History

Strategic Discourse was founded in 2014 to change the traditional model of consultancy utilised by many organisations around the world. Our Founder and Managing Director had worked in the Public Sector for over 20 years and grew increasingly frustrated with the expenditure on Consultancy fees for what felt like “Off the Shelf” solutions. With an ever-increasing demand on Public Sector resources and a chronic lack of funding, our Founder decided he could take no more and set up his own Management Consultancy that would work in partnership with its clients and deliver bespoke and high-quality solutions for a fair price. It sounds too good to be true, the idea that Consultancy can be affordable and of high quality, but that is just a misconception. We set out to disrupt the traditional model and help protect those precious resources in the public and associated sectors, and to ensure the ability to provide better services for citizens.

Within the Public Sector, our three main pillars are Healthcare, Education and Community. These form the backbone of our services, and countless end-users have benefited from our expertise and our approach.

After successfully supporting a number of Public Sector clients, we were approached by several Private Sector organisations to provide consultancy services for them. Although the company had been set up with a Public Sector focus, it became increasingly clear that these approaches were being demanded by the Private Sector. We expanded our team and brought in experts from a wide variety of industries, fields and backgrounds. We have always believed that diversity is key to success.

From all our engagements, we know that a lack of strategic and operational alignment is the single greatest cause for failure for most of our customers. Ensuring this, therefore, is at the heart of what we do.

Our name comes from the fact that without true Strategic Discourse around these areas, and a full and proper understanding of the business environment in which our clients are operating, we believe that failure is a very real possibility. Our mission statement is aligned with this:

Ensuring our clients’ success through the alignment of strategy, operations and supporting functions with the marketplace to deliver the best outcomes at all times.

With this at the core of who we are, we deliver solutions which are tangible, workable and of benefit to everyone in the client economy.

Our tagline is “Understanding | Engagement | Success”. Having identified an issue or opportunity, we conduct extensive research into the cause and potential response. It is vitally important to understand all micro and macro factors affecting the current situation and is, therefore, something we take very seriously.

Once we truly understand the situation, we are able to deliver the most suitable solution. Throughout this process, we engage with your teams and departments to ensure they are kept well informed, and any change processes are received efficiently. It is through this partnership working and continued support that you achieve success, and when you achieve success, we also win.

We’re Here To Ensure Our Clients Success!

Through Aligning Strategy, Operations and Supporting Functions with the Marketplace to Deliver the Best Outcomes

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