A Brief Introduction

At Strategic Discourse, we pride ourselves at being a “Best in Class” Management Consultancy. The traditional model of consultancy utilised in many world-renowned organisations is outdated and unsuitable for modern clients with complex needs and unique competencies and challenges. The larger consultancies are not agile and struggle to truly support organisations in the modern world. Strategic Discourse deploy a new, user-centric model of consulting. We work in true partnership with our clients to deliver bespoke solutions, specifically developed to best serve our clients’ and our partners’ needs.

Our Proven Processes Produce Results

Problem Identification and Analysis

Sometimes change is required to address a potential issue. On other occasions, this is necessary to capitalise on an opportunity. Our process begins with our team scoping the areas you have identified.

Initial Planning and Customer Acceptance

Following analysis, our team develops a skeleton solution. Through working in partnership with our clients we are able to get a customer perspective and develop the best solution.

Further Research and Additional Analysis

From client feedback, our team conducts further research and analysis to inform the solution development. Our user-centric models remain a key focus throughout our operations, in line with best practice.

Solution Build to Agreed Specification

After the skeleton solution is ratified, our team begins to develop the final solution for implementation. The extensive work already conducted to this point helps to ensure successful outcomes.

Solution Testing and User Validation

Once developed, our involvement is not over. To ensure appropriate implementation and client satisfaction, the solution is comprehensively tested. Our client teams will remain closely involved.

Complete Solution Implementation Support

Change can be met with resistance or uncertainty. During implementation and “Go Live” our teams are available to help counter this resistance and uncertainty by providing support as required by our clients.

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