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Our Strategic Consulting division assists our customers with the correct formation of the corporate strategy and ensures that key business requirements are met. For many of our clients, we have provided correctly aligned financial, operational, HR, technical and facilities strategies and formulated these to support the business aims and corporate vision. Working closely with your senior team, our consultants make sure that they fully understand your corporate aims and objectives, as well as the various remits of each directorate/area. Once we have understood this in detail, we can suggest methods to increase the alignment of your teams to the overall corporate goal.

Strategic Discourse has a number of consultants who are well versed in operational issues in each of our key market areas. These consultants have many years of experience both in their industry verticals as well as in general operational management and can provide strong leadership and consulting skills for your organisation. Working closely with your operational teams, we will quickly identify the gaps in service and delivery, and will bring together relevant parties at your organisation to resolve these. Where external assistance is required (new products and services, for example) we work closely with your teams to identify and engage the best partners and suppliers.

Our specialists in the fields of ICT have worked for many years in both the public and private sectors. They understand the needs of organisations on local, regional and national levels and can fully engage with all levels of the business. The ability of Strategic Discourse to deliver solutions which meet these needs is based on our understanding of all sectors. We have specialists who have worked in the fields of information technology, hardware and software solutions and emerging technologies across varied sections. Strategic Discourse understands that technology transcends sector biased. We have specialists in many fields who are able to work at all levels for any organisation to design the best solutions are the best end-user outcomes.

With experience from having worked closely with a number of sales led organisations, our consultants are able to draw up a number of work streams to improve sales revenue, increase market penetration, define new sales strategies and provide other areas of sales consulting. From designing new sales models, to assisting in the development of marketing of new products and services, our team is able to work closely with your resources to increase market share. We utilise Best Practice along with specific models drawn up in-house which are strategically aligned to the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors.

With a number of researchers in various specialties, we are able to provide our clients with up to date and pertinent research in a number of different areas. As well as providing information on market segmentation, we can provide Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis and Service Analysis as our core services. Our teams are able to work on many different bespoke analysis work streams which can be discussed with your account manager as required.

Building the right models and understanding the needs of clients and the end-user is key to the delivery of marketing. In our experience, organisations do not consider the importance of each part of the model. Our tried and tested solutions ensure that all areas are comprehensively covered. Our access to academic leaders in the fields of Marketing and Communications ensures that our clients’ partners are able to employ the latest advances in the field and deliver successful solutions. We take into account the local, regional, national and, where required, international needs as well as working to incorporate best practice solutions to meet the perceived and actual needs of the end service user.

Private Sector

Strategic Discourse was originally set up to serve Public Sector organisations. However, after our reputation grew in this sector, we were continually approached by Private Sector organisations. It became clear that we had to serve this market as well.

Over the past several years, we have grown our team to include some of the most experienced specialists in a variety of industries. The team consists of specialists in strategy, operations, sales, technology, research & analysis and marketing and communications.

We ensure that all our teams are lead by those specialists in the client specific areas – those specialists who can deliver true operational and strategic change in their sectors without disturbing local delivery needs.

Public Sector

Strategic Discourse work across a number of citizen facing organisations within the wider public sector. We work closely with our client partners to ensure that we manage change in a structured manner.

We understand that end service users must be protected, and that delivery is solely for their benefit. Our experts have experience in each of their specialist areas. Our lead consultants have worked with partners in healthcare, education and community, and these areas form the three pillars of our public sector engagements.

Understanding that resources across the public sector have been been put under increasing strain over the last decade, we have worked hard to build a number of specialist models to ensure that precious front-line public sector resources are truly protected.

Voluntary & Charity Sector

We understand the responsibility we have to support charities and other philanthropic organisations. Many of our team conduct their own charitable initiatives and this is something we encourage.

We understand the significant work that charities do and how important they are to their end users and wider community. It has always been part of our ethos to support charities wherever we can to ensure their end users receive the maximum benefit. With this understanding, we have a number of leading academics and industry experts on our team that have help us to devise several models specifically tailored towards the charity/voluntary sector.

Similarly to the needs of the Public Sector, we have devised these models in such a way that provides precious protection to the recourses of these incredible organisations.

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