Project Description

About the Client

Health Insights is a global provider of healthcare information systems.

Working closely with healthcare partners, Health Insights have developed a cloud based electronic patient record solution which provides clinicians with world-class technology support, and helps ensure adherence to best practice and international standards.

Headquartered in Egypt, Health Insights has implemented their solutions across the global community.

The Project

Increasing their global footprint, Health Insights decided to enter the UK and Irish markets. The senior management team required technology consulting support, and also assistance with sales enablement, marketing, and research and analysis.

As well as needing to understand UK specific healthcare and government requirements for the management and transmission of patient and citizen data, the organisation required a better understanding of the technology issues faced by NHS organisations when implementing new EPR solutions.

The organisation required a better understanding of specific UK and Irish healthcare needs, national and local regulations, assistance with managing various sales engagements and assistance with a number of technology programmes.

The UK Management Team, as well as the Global CEO, approached Strategic Discourse to assist with these matters – due to the teams deep experience in this sector and proven ability to help organisations successfully adapt to UK requirements.

Our Approach

Working closely with the Senior Management Team, it was agreed that Strategic Discourse would provide an interim CIO service, leading on all areas of technology, marketing, and sales support for the UK. The CIO role would also include research and analysis services, as well as horizon scanning and project and programme support.

Having carried out an initial analysis, Strategic Discourse teams were able to support the Managing Director (who led this assignment as the Health Insights CIO) in working closely with their UK and Irish clients to provide technology and programme assistance.

Developing new projects to ensure compliance with UK requirements (including IG Toolkit and NHS Net compliance) the CIO was also able to work closely with clinical, project and technical teams at various client bases to ensure the smooth implementation of the Health Insights’ EPR solution.

As well as carrying out detailed investigations at each sites (including Gap Analysis, Technology Acceptance Model, Agile development techniques, various Secondary and Primary research, and other in-house and globally accepted best practice techniques), the team worked closely with the global Health Insights teams to develop new rapid roll out models and implement strong Change Control methods in the UK.

Strategic Discourse’s experience in the localisation and support of global software solutions allowed the team to provide the organisation with support in these areas as well, providing the development teams with a better understanding of local, regional and national requirements.

By aligning UK delivery to internationally accepted best practice, and by ensuring academic research models were used in business situations, Strategic Discourse were able to provide the organisation with the best outcomes for every project.

As with all projects and programmes of this nature, Strategic Discourse were also required to lead on various dispute resolutions – the independence and approach of the team enabled quick solutions to disputes and greater trust in the final solutions.

The Outcome

The work carried out at Health Insights increased the market engagement of the organisation with a number of clients, delivered various technology improvement models, and helped deliver a new UK HQ.

This site was fully operational before the projected move in date – and a number of development and process improvements were put in place to ensure stability and best practice at all times.

The development of UK based technology and marketing strategies enabled Health Insights to increase their market penetration, and to deliver new projects and programmes to their UK and Irish clients.

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